NOMAD. We want to be your driver.

You will get a companion it is a pleasure to trust.

Enjoy the greatest luxury nowadays: time. We strongly recommend you to take all the necessary stuff and put aside everything else.

Nomad leaves you free, but never alone.



Discretion and Kindness are the personal values which describe your driver.

So you can travel peacefully from the first kilometer, with safety, autonomy and the pleasant feeling of travelling in an up market car with your driver.


Travel to your meeting in an exceptional car. First Class. Business Class. The most important businesses do not take place on the Stock Market.


We make the difference always taking into account the passenger. In our vehicles we have created a space in which you will feel as comfortable as in your own home. We make your journey an exceptional experience.

Choose the most personalised option to go on your way.


As unique as you. The shortest line between two appointments in your calendar.

The most fascinating way to decide your own path.


We invest in power and safety. Experienced drivers will plan your trips exceptionally.


Along with your car, something exclusive comes to your door: a confidentiality agreement with Nomad.

On this website you will not find client lists and publicity of the events which we take part in. You will not find your name either.


How much is freedom worth?

From door to door. No waits or delays.

Forget about long queues on boarding or searching for parking.

There is a Nomad for you

Get in touch with us and we will give you all the information you need.